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Upcoming: Holiday Club 13-17th August 2018

St Margaret’s Church, Scotswood, invites you to join our holiday club! There will be crafts, games, activities, drama, some awesome stories from the Bible and lots more. And it’s free! (though donations are always...

Northern Lights

July 2016 saw our fantastic Flower Festival ‘Northern Lights, celebrating our Heritage’, take place at St James, with contributions from the local churches, schools and community projects as well as the wider Deanery.

Lee Cleminson

In July 2016 we joined our very own Lee Cleminson as he was Deaconed at Newcastle Cathedral.  Lee is a Benwell lad and started coming to St James as a child.  He now serves...

Queen’s Party

In June 2016 we celebrated the Queen’s Birthday Party, with our very own Queen of Benwell Elsie Dixon …

Shepherds Dene

Benwell has a long tradition of spending time at Shepherds Dene house in Riding mill, to recharge our spiritual batteries.  Below are some photos from out last visit in 2014.