Journeys Of Faith


baptismOur journey of faith begins with Baptism. In Baptism we are made one with Christ and receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. We are pleased to welcome those seeking Baptism for themselves or their children.



confirmationConfirmation is a milestone on our journey of faith. It is an opportunity to say our ‘Yes’ to everything that happens at baptism, our ‘Yes’ to God as we publicly make our promise and declare our faith. The Bishop then lays his hands on those being confirmed as he asks for the Holy Spirit to strengthen and guide them.


weddingSt James holds many happy memories for those who exchanged vows here. In our age of multiple wedding ‘venues’ it is still a special place for those who have decided to journey through life together. There are legal and church rules about who can get married at St James, but for those who would like to marry here we will always try our best to make sure we can make it happen. We can also offer other services of prayers, renewal of vows etc.



funeralsChristians believe that death is the end of our earthly journey but not the end of our journey with God. A Christian funeral will always have some expression of sadness, inevitable at parting and bidding farewell, but it will also be an expression of hope. We give those we have loved into God’s care and we believe he does care, for them and for us. Funerals can be organised to take place in St James church before committal in a Cemetery or Crematorium. The clergy are also able to take services in the Crematorium or Cemetery chapel. Memorial services after a funeral can also take place in church.

For any of the services above enquiries should be made in the first instance to the Team Rector or any other member of the Clergy.